I was wondering if I was not perfect for this world. Why I became this way? Is it the way I was brought up? 

1. Why did they punish me when I made spelling mistakes during school?

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Now the spell-check is there and I write wrong or right, it happens to be correct all the time, and I have no idea like how a few words spell still when I write, it all ends up looking like I am Shashi Tharur’s kin!

2. Why didn’t my parents tell me love had barriers?

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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham, and so many more. Watching these I came to the conclusion that love has no barriers, even parents didn’t tell me there were barriers like caste, creed, status, etc coming in between. Honour-killings are killing me inside, why didn’t Karan Johar and Adithya Chopra run a statutory warning “Love Kills” for their romantic movies, a thought-provoking question raised by some soul terribly affected.

3. They never asked me to fake it!

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Everyone has a hidden face! Who taught them to, why wasn’t I? Why am I trying to be authentic, when nothing and none are?

4. They never said the World out was too bad and cruel

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Everyone seems to be so engrossed in their smart phones still they have so much of time to back stab.

5. Why did they always stop me and my sister fight?

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They never told me fights would give so much of media coverage. You have a fight publicly, for what you have no reason other than you both are playing behind different leagues- Parties. 

6. They said money couldn’t buy happiness! May be a slip of tongue.

Source: US News

Money can buy love, the latest update my life gave me! This is the epitome.

7. Why did they advise me to eat healthy and do household chores to sweat out ?

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Weren’t they aware of cramming unhealthy and then working-out or even splurge on a cosmetic surgery. Things are so easy but they taught me to keep my nose to grindstone.

8. I was brought up seeing the plants which grew in my garden

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I remember plucking curry leaves from our back garden.

Why go for gardening, instead, I could build sprawling-bunglow that filled the land so that people would try beating me building some architectural wonder in their land too. This is what is called as competitive spirit. And yeah, there are garden-fresh fruits and vegetables in the market!

9. Why did they teach me, “Give respect and take respect”?

Source: Giving Compass

When it’s about grabbing respect and giving contempt.

10. They said only Humans had brains to think

Source: Think Global

I now see every animal and insect thinking. Lately, ants have become role model for humans. Is Human’s thoughts in vain?

This is of course a blame-glame, that which happens when you don’t know where the problem lies. It’s always easier to interrogate others, and if the victim of your questions are your parents, that is it! Who else would support you better with all your flaws? Even when you know it is not their err, our complaining nature could only do this.

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