Traveling to space is the dream of most of the people, even if they even can’t be able to become an astronaut. The powerful thrill of walking in zero gravity is awesome and thanks to some of the latest Hollywood movies like Passenger and Gravity, our desire to fulfill it only increases. So, starting from 2021 people will be able to spend a luxurious holiday in space. Yes, it’s not a joke.

US-based organization, Orion Span plans to build a space hotel so that people can spend a 12-day vacation in outer part at the station of new Aurora, which is a first fully modular station and luxury hotel! For this one would have to spend a cost of $9.5 million which is approx. Rs 61 crore, with inclusive of the launching shuttle price.

So, if anyone wants to make a reservation, they can make now. All you need to do is give token money of $80,000 which is approx. Rs 56 lacs to secure your berth on the waitlist, and in case if your mind changes you can get 100% refund as well.

To become a guest at the Aurora Station, all visitors need to complete mandatory training of three months in advance. After completion of the training, they would teach you about how to live in the space; one would get an Orion Span Astronaut Certification as well, “a certification that may be possible to use with other space entities in the future,” according to the report.

This is not all; visitors will get to grow their food as often we have seen scientists living at the International Station doing. “Every 90 minutes we complete an orbit, meaning you’ll see day and night over Earth hundreds of times during your 12-day stay, with ample opportunity to photograph your hometown from space,” the website lists as the perks.

Source: Bloomberg

And don’t worry about missing out on updating your social media accounts with uber cool photos of your once-in-lifetime experience. “With Aurora Station’s fastest wireless internet access, you’ll be equipped to share your experience with friends and family on Earth instantly,” the company CEO claims.

The World’s First Luxury Space Hotel in orbit is expected to be only 200 miles (around 322km) above from the surface of Earth. The unique posh accommodations will include private suites for two, honeymoon in Space, anyone?

And if you are too thrilled about living in Space, Aurora Station will also be providing leases on-orbit capacity on the basis of requirement and demand. “We support a range of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions, including, In Situ Manufacturing, Microgravity Research, Hardware Validation, and more,” the company said. They also want to expand by building Orbital Space Condos for public giving them a chance to “Own a piece of Space” and start your business in the space!!

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